Our vision

Our vision

To care means much more than to cure, so we ardently believe. A sick child is more than just a patient, because a sickness threatens more than just your health. Their development is threatened and so is their future. And there lies our mission. [Jouw] Kinderziekenhuis doesn't only look at what these young people aren't able to do anymore, but focuses on what is still possible for them. Our job is not only to cure, but also to protect their talents and their future. That's why [Jouw] Kinderziekenhuis chooses “Je toekomst centraal” (Your future is central) as baseline.

Our dream for [Jouw] Kinderziekenhuis

Our ideal children's hospital is multidisciplinary and built around a child. Our team has interest in all the needs of young patients, but also in the possibilities and potentiality of every hospitalized child.
In close collaboration with parents, family and friends, we see to that every child - regardless to age or disease - fully can develop oneself. Preferably we want to make this approach as personal as possible. That's also why our name is [Jouw] Kinderziekenhuis - [Your] Children's Hospital -: a place where every child can be oneself as much as possible during a difficult time.


Very sick children

It’s not difficult to live with them.
It’s not difficult to show pitiful images.
It’s not difficult
to imagine what they can no longer do.

That’s not how [Jouw] Kinderziekenhuis UZ Leuven looks at them.

Even if children with the most complex diseases come to us, we don’t only focus on what they can no longer achieve.
We also see their courage and resilience
their talent in every aspect of life
to keep moving on and to learn,
to connect with others.

Severe diseases threaten their health,
and that is why we offer the very best medical care.

But their illness also threatens their growth and future.
Our mission is to safeguard that potential
and to stimulate them.

Not only for the child,
but with the child.
With its parents and family.
With its brothers, sisters
and friends.

For us the disease will not be the focus.
We will concentrate on

Your future.
[Jouw] Kinderziekenhuis UZ Leuven.

Testimony of someone personally concerned

Anne-Sophie (24)

“As a baby, I was hospitalized in UZ Leuven and survived leukaemia. Today as a student in medicine, I'm an intern in ‘my’ Kinderziekenhuis.

Everyday I’m amazed of the commitment and the personal attention of the team for every young patient.”